Successful engine

An engine which is even more advanced, modern, innovative and revolutionary. These are only some of the many features of the Polini Thor 80 2 stroke. A project born from the wish to design and manufacture an engine that, moreover its incredible features of power and compactness, it represents the last flagship of Polini Motori’s production.

Polini has decided to produce the new Thor 80 with the aim to approach to the flight sport not only the beginners but all the enthusiasts of aeronautic. Polini has managed to finalize the ambitious project of producing an engine with unique features, both for the extraordinary weight-power ratio and for its performance, besides for its extraordinary trust and upwards mobility. The explanation of its extraordinary peculiarities and extreme care of all the details that characterize Polini Thor 80 engine, starts with its small dimensions and the compactness of the engine that only weighs 11,1 kg.


The liquid cooled system has been deigned to grant the maximum temperature uniformity during the flight. The radiator of small dimensions and the unique design of the cooling shroud grant the best cooling features. This specific pipeline and the radiator are integrated and mounted on the engine. The system has a forced-air system with a fan placed on the crankshaft.

The Polini Thor 80 engine has an aluminium cylinder and the displacement is of 86cc for 17,2 hp at 10450 rpm.
The cylinder liner has a Nikel-silicon treatment, high resistance to wear and abrasion. The piston is gravity die-cast in light alloy at high silicon content with 2 chromed rings of 1mm. 54mm bore and 44 mm stroke with 14:1 compression ratio.


The fuel system has a Polini CP d.21 carburetor with manual bulb to fill in the fuel circuit. It is integrated on the engine support and it makes this operation easy with the minimal amount of space. The fuel system is provided with a fuel reservoir tank. This feature lets to empty the fuel from the bowl in order to avoid leakage during the carriage.
Alternatively the Walbro WG8 carburetor is available.
Thor 80 has a dry-centrifugal clutch, with 3,58 gear reduction with helical teeth in oil bath. These peculiarities grant higher safety standards when flying.
The exhaust system has been designed to occupy as less volume as possible and keep the sound emission lower thanks to the round light-alloy silencer.


This Thor 80 has some final touches, like the silent-blocks have been produced in Ergal, an ultra-light alloy, to reduce the weight even more. The engine is delivered with a thermocouple sensor to detect the temperature. Thor 80 has the same fixing points of all the other Thor engines (except Thor 100)
An instrument to detect the temperature, rpm and hours-counter, and the manual throttles with level-handle are available as optional. All the polini Thor engines, before being shipped to the official dealer all around the world, are tested on the testing bench to grant their perfect operation.

100% Made in Italy

  • 928.000.040 - THOR 80 LC CARB.CP Ø21 : euro 2.290 +VAT
  • 928.000.041 - THOR 80 LC WALBRO WG8: euro 2.320 +VAT

Polini engine 2-stroke monocylinder
Cooling Liquid cooled
Bore for stroke 50x44
Displacement 86 cm3
Power 17,2 HP at 10450R.P.M.
Cylinder aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Compression ratio 0,584027778
Piston Two chromium plated rings (mm 1)
Intake Reed valve in the crankcase
Carburetor CP Polini Ø21 - Walbro WG8
Air filter Air box
Ignition Electronic
Spark plug hood 5k Ω resistance
Fuel type Lead free petrol with 2% synthetic oil
Gear reduction unit Helical teeth in oil bath with3,58 reduction ratio
Starter Pull starter with self-winding rope.-FLASH STARTER
Clutch Centrifugal (wet)
Muffler Expansion with aluminum silencer
Engine weight 11,4 Kg
Propeller rotation Clockwise