Everybody knew that Gianluca Rapicavoli and Marvin Medongho would have been the main protagonists of this Trophy, both driving two powerful Yamaha TMax bikes. Till now Rapicavoli has been unbeatable on the Vallelunga circuit, while the Castelletto di Braduzzo circuit has always been favorable to his rival. Despite the hot weather the 19 riders maintained the rhythm of the race at very high levels. Gianluca Rapicavoli, in particular, stopped to only 7 hundredth from the sensational 1’21”800 and he conquered the pole position.


Mendogho tried hard to win since he would have arrived at the same position in the results but his rival was too successful on the Castelletto di Branduzzo circuit. With a difference of about 4 hundredth each lap, Rapicavoli finished the fourteen and last lap with an advantage of 7 seconds. Behind them Giovanni Gabrielli, 17 seconds behind the winner, that completed the podium of this category and the Superstock class too. Behind them the fight between the Stock Class’ riders has been very hard, with Cesare Fusto, Luigino Pannone and Lupin that took turns with Yari Valentini (Superstoc). Fusto was the one who profited during the hot week end since he gained important points and he outstripped Lucio Gatti in the final results.


Roberto Giannazza was protagonist of a very good performance, 9th and first in the Superstock Class; Francesco Ferrara was 14th, 20 seconds from Giannazza, who still remains at the head of the results after 4 races. Alessandro Turbino was 16th, one lap from the winner. Gianmario Maria Villa was 13th and winner of the Superbike class. With this position he is now at the second place, behind Mario Savoca Corona, who didn’t take part to this event but thanks to his three victories he has already gained the 2010 title. Now we have only to wait for October 31st when in Vallelunga there will be proclaimed the final winners.

1. Rapicavoli; 2. Mendogho; 3. Gabrielli; 4. Fusto; 5. Pannone; 6. Lupin; 7. Pintus; 8. Di Carmine; 9. Giannazza; 10. Panfili; 11. Farina; 12. Stefanoni; 13. Villa; 14. Ferrara; 15. Valentini; 16. Turbino; 17. Risi; 18. Comin; 19. Pischedda.


1. Rapicavoli 95; 2. Mendogho 75; 3. Gabrielli 43; 4.Valentini 36; 5. Panfili 33; 6. Bastianini 20; 7. Farina19; 8. Giordani16; 9.Alvisi 16; 10. Giuliani 7; 11. Manieri 0.


1. Gatti 81; 2. Fusto 74; 3. Pannone 65; 4. Pintus 53; 5. Boschetti 43; 6. Di Carmine 40; 7. Risi 31; 8. Stefanoni 29; 9. Marrocco 18; 10. Saraceno 17; 11. Triacci 9.


1. Savoca 75; 2. Villa 25; 3. Pietrolucci 20; 4. Bardelli 20.


1. Giannazza 75; 2. Turbino 56; 3. Comin 53; 4. Pischedda 46; 5. Luperini 36; 6. Ferrara 36; 7. Triacci 23; 8. Del Mastro 20; 9. Saraceno 8.