On June 25th at Castelletto di Branduzzo the fourth appointment for the Polini Italian Cup’s Scooter and Pit bikes Trophies.

Open Evolution 70 Scooter  - After the results of the latest race, this event will be of great interest thanks to the Polini Scooter Team riders, Matteo Tiraferri and Filippo Corsi. The rules let the use of different cylinders kits making these races even more exciting. Many the protagonists: Adriano Sisti, Matteo Gabelli, Giuseppe Longo, Davide Ziarelli, Nicola Anastasi, Simone Bartolini, Daniele Picca, Paolo Gabellini and other fast riders.

Open Evolution 94 Big Scooter  - Really performing scooters with speed that can reach 160km/h. Four the main protagonists: Cristian Mammi, Mathia Beatrizzotti, Yulien Vitali, Massimo Tedeschi and now Filippo Corsi too.

Polini Evolution 70 Scooter -  It is difficult to make a results prediction of this Trophy, since the races have always been uncertain. In fact the result too is clear considering the difference between the riders’ points: Alessandro Fabbri, Stefano Serventi, Paolo Nardo, Alessandro Garzaro, Mirko Giovacchini.

Pit Bikes Trophies - With its 3 different Trophies, this championship is meeting with outstanding success with its many protagonists. In the XP 4T 110 Over and 125 Street - Mattia Gollini, Alessio Corneti, Jacopo Schirò, Carmine Napodano, Roberto Bonomelli e Giovanni Ferdani. In the XP 4T 150 Open-XP65: Guido Fulgoni, Devis Catellani, Gollini, Marco Ferreri, Agostino Ammirata, Carmine Gianfreda and the two girls Sara Panizzolo e Laura Santini.



Great expectations for the Italian maxi Scooter Trophy that starts again with the fight between Gianluca Rapicavoli, 2009 champion, and Marvin Mendogho. The show in the show: after Rapicavoli’ exploit during the opening race in Vallelunga where he won reaching a speed of 214 km/h, Medongho got his revenge at Castelletto, while in Vallelunga on June 13th Rapicacoli won again.

Between the supersport riders, Ermanno Bastianini, second in Vallelunga, Yari Valentini, Nazzareno Giordani and Giovanni Gabrielli; in the Stock class, Lucio Gatti, Yuri Boschetti, Cesare Fusto and Fabio Pintus; in the Superbike class, Mario Savoca, Stefano Pietrolucci; in the Superstock, Alessandro Pischedda, Roberto Giannazza and Massimiliano Comin.