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If you don’t like to be in the spotlight, Polini Italian Cup is not for you. The numbers of the fourth meeting of Scooter Italian championship confirm that once again; the contest is organised by Moto Club Bergamo, whose main feature is to satisfy the need for “racing exclusivity” of the participants. A wild passion and eighty riders on the starting grid of the fourth seasonal meeting, aligned in Scooter Evolution, Vespa Classic and Pit Bike XP 125 classes. Not only was it an unforgettable weekend for hot weather, but also for some double victories upsetting results in the various national classifications of the championship. The speedway oval of the track, to face like pushing hard and the knee skimming the ground, exalted the effect of the trails and the search for the highest speed. There were many duels and sudden changes; the programme was modified because of two delays for harmless falls of the riders. The hot weather affected all various Competitions, but riders, technicians and mechanical means performed at their best the role of protagonists.

Matteo Tiraferri sprints and leads Race 1, followed by Vignone and the Dutch Sarik Roufs. We highlight the third row for Filippo Corsi, the class leader, who is only ninth in free sessions, while Gabellini, started after scoring the third time, slides immediately. On the first lap, Tiraferri leads the group before Roufs, Vignone and Corsi, who went back up to fourth position. So he performs a come back, on the second passage he is already third, but while trying to lead, he slides and goes to tenth position. Tiraferri and Roufs fight for the leadership, followed by Andrea Vignone and Niccolò Castellini. On half race, Roufs assails Tiraferri. Still fourth, Castellini is closer and closer to the three leading riders. Vignone performs an amazing show and manages to get the leadership; this won’t last, since his adversaries don’t surrender. Three laps to go, Castellini surprises Tiraferri and the two riders of Polini team gain a dozen metres over Vignone and Roufs. The duel will last till the finish line, while Tiraferri sprinting before Castellini. Behind them, Vignone, Marco Moroni, Luca Zani. Corsi is seventh only, before Roufs. Race 2 is run on eight laps. Vignone has a good start, followed by Tiraferri who manages to go to the head of race, before the oval speedway segment. The two overtake each other some times, while Corsi recovers. Moroni loses some positions, lowered by his scooter. After four laps, Tiraferri leads the group before Roufs, Vignone, Castellini and Corsi. Three laps to go, Corsi is fourth behind Roufs and the two team mates Castellini and Tiraferri. And it’s them who contend the victory through a final sudden change, when Castellini slides, while Corsi performs an extraordinary double overtaking and gets to second position behind Tiraferri. The day podium goes to Tiraferri, before Corsi and Vignone.


Jog-Yamaha of Beghelli’s Frisoni team sprints quickly in Race 1 before Russo, Frigè, Inversini. Russo seems to escape during the third lap, but Beghelli doesn’t let him go. Frigè keeps third position while preceding Guido Conforti. Fifth is the Slovene of Sinter Racing, Marko Mihael. Russo speeds up his pace and gains a little advantage over the chasers. On the sixth lap, Russo grows his advantage, precedes Beghelli, Inversini, Conforti. Remarkable duel for fifth position between Mihael and Niccolò Loia, who tries to pass the Slovene in all ways. Two laps to go, Russo makes a mistake and Beghelli goes to first position and wins before Russo, Inversini, Mihael and Saccani. In Race 2 Beghelli sprints quickly again, attacked by Russo. On the first lap, the queue is composed of Russo, Beghelli, Frigè, Inversini, Mihael and Conforti, all held in a few metres. On the third lap, Inversini is bound to withdrawal for technical problems. The duel for leadership is between Russo and Beghelli, continuously exchanging their positions on the top of the race. At the end, Russo wins before Frigè and Beghelli. This one is the victim of a slide on the penultimate turn while trying to pass Russo. Conforti is fourth, Loia is fifth.


Schiappa starts from pole, while Picciallo immediately tries to assail the rival. But on the straight line, before the finish, Penzo precedes Schiappa and Picciallo. Meanwhile, Gianluigi Botti, who had started from the second raw, withdraws. Schiappa attacks Penzo and steals his first position, while Picciallo is always third. Unexpected change on the fifth lap; in the oval stretch, Calce, Koren and Picciallo fall. Red flag, suspended race, three riders taken to hospital by ambulance for health check. The programme continues one hour later for the remaining six laps, since 50% of race was not disputed. On the second start of race, Penzo sprints on first place while Schiappa is late. Tognarelli runs after Penzo and is followed by Pagliaccia, Ziarelli and Schiappa. Tognarelli assails Penzo and so is at the head of race, while Pagliaccia is third, half a second later. Tognarelli manages to keep the leadership for some laps, but on the last passage Penzo steals the leadership from him and wins. Race 2 is disputed on 8 laps. Schiappa starts from pole position, but Daniel Penzo passes him after a few hundreds metres. On the first lap, on the finish line run Penzo, Ziarelli, Tognarelli, Schiappa, Girardi in this sequence. On the fifth lap, Tognarelli goes to lead the race, followed by Penzo and Schiappa. These three fight side by side. Three laps to go, Penzo is on first position. At the beginning of the last lap Tognarelli can take the first position for a while. On the final sprint, the riders are Penzo, Tognarelli, Girardi, Ziarelli, Schiappa. On the podium Penzo, Tognarelli and Girardi.


10 laps in Race 1, Simone Bartolini on the starting grid with his first seasonal pole position. Second row for Stefano Scribano followed by Adriano Sisti and Nico Morelli. Vitali pushes hard and leads before Morelli, Rota and Scribano. Bartolini can’t have a good start and loses many positions. The rider from Romagna doesn’t surrender and regains positions so that he is already sixth on first passage. On the second lap Vitali is first. On the third lap, Vitali is attacked by Morelli and Rota. Bartolini can easily pass from fifth to second position, behind Vitali. After the leading duo, Morelli, Rota, Scribano and Sisti push hard in order to keep their positions. On the fifth lap, Bartolini is leading the race, followed by Vitali, Rota and Scribano. The two last laps are really thrilling; Vitali attacks Bartolini, goes back to the head of race and wins after a long fasting. Bartolini is second before Rota, Morelli, Giannecchini, while Scribano is seventh. Race 2 is on 8 laps, Bartolini is the hare chased by Rota, Giannecchini, Scribano and Morelli, who are held in less than a second. After two laps, these are the positions: Bartolini, Rota, Giannecchini, Scribano, Nico Morelli. But Bartolini runs away. Scribano can pass to third position and Morelli fourth after overtaking Giannecchini. Positions don’t change, Rota manages to keep the second place before Scribano. On the final, Scribano tries to pass Rota in all ways, but the rider from Bergamo will get second place. Bartolini wins before Rota, Scribano, Giannecchini and Morelli. On the podium of the day, Bartolini, Rota, Scribano.


In Race 1, Nazzareno Lumina starts from pole for the 8 planned laps. The official rider of Polini Team Scooter, attended by the Vespa technician Mario La Greca, sprints and leads the race, chased by Camera some tenths later. On the first lap, the queue is on this sequence: Lumina, Camera, Mauro Bigarella, Alberto “Cesta” Costa, Elia Cunti, Larcher and Piacentini. Larcher makes a mistake and from third place goes back to eleventh. Lumina distances his rivals, led by Camera. Triumphal arrival of Lumina who precedes Camera, Cunti, Bigarella, Piacentini and Costa. The laps of Race 2 are six, Lumina sprints again followed by Camera and Cunti. The first lap ends while Lumina is leading, chased by Cunti 3 seconds behind, and by Camera, more than 4 seconds. On the second lap, Leaso manages to pass to third place and threatens Cunti. On half race the Suisse Ahron Larcher goes to second place thanks to a good overtaking to the detriment of Leaso and Cunti. Piacentini is fifth. On the finish line Lumina is first, so that he signs a good double win. Behind, Larcher, Leaso, Piacentini and Cunti. The podium of the day rewards Lumina, Camera, Cunti, Larcher, Leaso.


Gabriele Camorcia starts from pole before Nicolò Castellini and Matteo Tortosa. On the first lap, Camorcia and Castellini run very fast on finish line. Castellini tries thrilling lines and trajectories and puts under pressure Camorcia. At the beginning of the third lap, Castellini can get to the head of race for an instant, but Camorcia takes his first position back after a few turns. A continual exchange of positions, on the leading places, between Camorcia and Castellini till the last lap, after which victory goes to Camorcia. Third is Tortosa, fourth is Paccagnella. In Race 2 Camorcia always leads, followed by Castellini. New fight for positions and on the second lap Castellini passes to leadership over Camorcia and Tortosa. The race goes on through a fast contest among the three riders. At half race Tortosa takes control of the race and Castellini is second, Camorcia is third. The final sprint will take Camorcia to victory.