Two splendid sunny days have taken the participants to Polini Italian Cup on the racetrack of Modena, sixth and last race of tricolours Scooter, Vespa and Pit Bike, organized by Moto Club Bergamo. A special edition, this year; in fact, the championship supported by Polini, celebrated his tenth anniversary with a new race, full of show, emotions, duels and passion for track races on scooters. Excellent affluence of riders, defies on the tracks till the finish line at 2,007 meters, at this real temple of speed in Emilia, a decisive test for the final classifications for the majority of classes. A fast track exalting the features of scooters performances with major cubic capacity, races rich in suspense for the “game of trails”, sprint overtakings, exchange of positions and race strategies of riders able to rev up. 

Castellini sprints and leads the race before Tiraferri and the Dutch Sarik Roufs. On the second lap, Tiraferri comes to lead, when, after starting from third row, he gains ground, followed by Corsi, Castellini and Sarik. The following lap, there’s a turn of events; Sarik slides and is bound to withdraw. On finish line, transits a group of three, composed of Castellini, Tiraferri, Corsi, while Scribano is fourth, forty metres behind them. On the two last laps, the three leading riders compete for the win till the end, where photofinish is in favour of Castellini, Corsi, Tiraferri. In Race 2, strategies are well-defined: Corsi starts to manage his advantage in championship classification, Tiraferri wants to attack right away from the third row, while Castellini bothers them. Castellini gets off to a flying start before Sarik, Tiraferri, Corsi and Scribano. On the fourth lap, Scribano goes to second position, behind Castellini. Corsi on fourth position controls the race. On the final sprint, Castellini prevails over the Dutch Sarik and Corsi, while Tiraferri slides on the last turn as he was fighting with Castellini.


Moroni has a great final of season, even though he is out of competition for the cup. In Race 1, Moroni starts from seventh absolute and first in One-Brand to gain ground, join the group and get fourth position before Tognarelli, Fabbri, Tarabella, Picciallo, Mancuso who are chasing. Every point is fundamental for these riders to win the tricoloured title. Moroni is first on finish line, Fabbri is second and Tognarelli third, preceding Tarabella and Picciallo. In Race 2, Moroni is still very quick and takes the leadership and the fourth absolute place. Behind, the fight is hard between Tarabella, Tognarelli and Picciallo. The score of this final, in fact, is fundamental and Tognarelli and Tarabella know that, as they engage and give a mix of emotions. Moroni wins, Tarabella is second and gets the necessary score to conquer the Italian title.


Elia Angeli wants to take again the top of classification, where he was in the first half of season. He starts from the pole, followed by four riders: Pagliaccia, Calce, Modena, Russo. The two first laps live on the game of trails and riders are side by side. On the third lap, Pagliaccia tries to distance the others, followed by Angeli. More distant, Calce, Modena and Russo. Angeli accelerates and goes to top of race, one second gap over Modena and Russo, who is the championship leader. In the two last laps, Angeli gains ground over Modena, Calce, Russo and Pagliaccia. Many overtakings and show on the straight line, Pagliaccia, in this phase, assaults and gets the second position. On the finish line transit Angeli, first, before Pagliaccia, Russo, Modena, Calce and the fast Slovenian Koren, when the race ends on the sixth lap because of red flag, due to Maurizio Alberti’s fall. Sudden turn of events after the finish: twenty seconds penalisation for Angeli for overtaking Pagliaccia as yellow flag was exhibited. In Race 2, unfortunately Angeli doesn’t start. Pagliaccia leads the group during the whole first lap. At the end of the first lap, Russo reaches the top of the race, followed by Pagliaccia, Modena, Koren, Costa and Cerotti. At the beginning of the fourth lap, the leading group is Pagliaccia, Modena, Russo, Calce. Nothing changes, the leading four are always on fight, gathered in the lapse of few tenths, one in the trail of another. Three laps to go, Calce and Koren slide, Russo’s victory before Pagliaccia, Cerotti, Modena, who celebrates the title conquest.


Scribano starts from first position, before Morelli and Bartolini. On the third lap, Vitali goes to third position. Morelli, very quick, overtakes Scribano and takes control of race. At the beginning of fourth lap, transit Morelli, Scribano, Righetti, Vitali, Bartolini. The show of the leading duet goes on: Scribano and Morelli are coupled on the finish line, overtake each other some times by using the trail, the Sicilian is first at finish line. On the second to last passage, Bartolini assaults Vitali and goes to third position. In Race 2, Scribano has tucked away the win of the tricolour title, only tries to have fun and entertain the public. He starts from the pole, but on the first turn, Morelli leads the group, chased by Scribano, Bartolini, Vitali. On the second passage, Morelli and Scribano are close to each other, Vitali goes to third position, before Bartolini who anyway doesn’t give up. On the fourth lap, Morelli attacks Scribano who recedes to fourth position, preceded by Bartolini and Vitali, Scribano doesn’t accept and on the following lap he is back to top of race. Thrilling fifth lap; Morelli attacks Scribano and is back to leadership, before the Sicilian rider. Two laps to go, Scribano gets again the first position, before Bartolini, Morelli, Vitali, Righetti. Exciting last lap, imbalance and slide of Bartolini, before Righetti. On the final sprint, Scribano has the best of Vitali, Morelli, Rota. Bartolini is eighth and Righetti ninth.


Lumina starts wrong from pole position, the couple Piacentini-Mammi before everyone. Lumina tries to gain ground, but slides on the second turn and is bound to withdraw. On the first lap, run Piacentini, Mammi and Leaso who is back and fights with Mammi for second position of championship. On the third lap Leaso goes to second position, Mammi doesn’t let him go and on the straight line, by losing a bit of time, rushes bravely into the trail. Piacentini wins hands down, Leaso and Mammi fight till the end and finish on sprint in that position. In Race 2, another bad start for Lumina, a surprise for Mammi sprinting to top of race. On the first passage, ride Mammi, Piacentini, Leaso and Lumina. Third lap: Piacentini assails Mammi and goes to first position. Leaso, who follows closely behind, has to face Lumina, coming from behind. On the last but one lap, Leaso, Mammi and Lumina are gathered in few metres, battle for the second and third place of podium. Triumphal coming to finish line for Piacentini, Leaso is second, Mammi third, before Lumina.


Cuttitta has 14 points to manage in the championship parade only. On Race 1 start, he sprints to top of race, chased by Camorcia (second in championship). Pirré and Castellini. The game of trails is fundamental with Cuttitta, who is first on the third lap, followed by Pirré, Castellini and Camorcia. The overtakings go on rapidly till the last lap, when Cuttitta wins on sprint over Pirré, Camorcia and Castellini. Race 2, tension raises, but Cuttitta is still the most impassive at start, Camorcia follows him and has to aim at victory and hope for a zero score of his team mate, in order to win the championship. The attack is at the first turn when Camorcia comes to head the race, Cuttitta follows on the heels of him, and Castellini is third. On the first lap, nothing changes, Camorcia is first before Cuttitta, while Castellini slides after trying an impossible bend. The last lap starts and Cuttitta besets Camorcia, Pirré is third, but is behind with more than two seconds gap. On the last straight line, these two are head to head, but on the finish Cuttitta prevails for just 7 thousandths.