Polini Motori confirms its sporting engagement for the 2014 competitive season in the scooter races of the Polini Italian Cup but with the decision to race in the Open Evolution 70 scooter Trophy with the Yamaha Jog equipped with Minarelli engine , and so no more with Piggio Zip.

The purpose of this technical decision of Polini team to race with a Yamaha Jog is that to start a new program of “racing” development of the Minarelli engine and the frame parts of the Jog.

This choice made by the Polini Team will leave more space to the other Italian or foreigner teams, as well as for the Private riders, to race with the Piaggio Zip exploiting the performing features of the multi-tested Piaggio Zip and of its engine in a market where it is possible to find many performing parts developed after many years of races.

The Polini team’s riders who will debut in the Open Evolution 70 scooter Trophy of the Polini Italian Cup riding a Yamaha Jog are Matteo Tiraferri e Filippo Corsi. The show is granted.