In the Scooter 70 Evolution “Open” Trophy, eyes on the four protagonists.

Nicola Ribul – Beta Racing Team
“Officially our team is registered at the Polini Italian Cup as “Beta Racing Team”. The decision of taking part into the championship has been met in agreement with Betamotor, for the high technical and media level offered. As Beta Team, it was a foregone conclusion to race in the most prestigious Trophy; the Scooter 70 Evolution Open is a sort of MotoGp of Scooters. The riders’ level is very high as well as the bikes’ tuning and for us it is an excellent test and development bench for the Beta Ark. After these first races we are really satisfied with our choice, since our Beta Ark turned out to be competitive with the assembled Polini kits”.


Simone Bartolini - GP Motors Team
“We decided to participate as GP Motors Team, which is the name of the sale and workshop centre of our tuner in Morciano di Romagna where all was born from the passion for engines and to give the young people the opportunity of approaching the circuit competitions. In the Scooter 70 Evolution “Open” we fell very well, even if it is not easy with two official riders. The GP Motors Team is made of three riders and two technicians. In the evening, after the working day, we are all in the garage to develop new solutions, to have more and more a competitive engines”.


Paolo Gabellini
“In the Polini Italian Cup we do not joke. The level is high and the battle for the top of the ranking is always on a razor’s edge. It’s a national championship, in which we can freely express, without too much expense. The Scooter 70 Evolution Open where I run is a very hard-fought Trophy: we are all near and a slip is enough to lose points and finish out of the first five. The situation is still open and makes each competition interesting. The aim is the podium. The experience on the circuit of Binetto was spectacular. We hope that even the next year this circuit will be kept into consideration, because I intend to be best in this category”.


Mattia Gollini
 “I have chosen to participate in the Polini Italian Cup since, from always, my passions are the circuit competitions with scooters and, in this field, Polini is the most performing. Before I ran with the Pit Bikes and it was a great experience. This year I decided to ride in the Scooter 70 Evolution Open, by approaching the speediness. The circuits where we ran gave me great satisfaction, but the one I preferred was Castelletto di Branduzzo, since it is a technical circuit, but also a little bit mixed, speed and slow. So there’s why enjoy it, it is not a monotonous circuit!”


In the Scooter 70 Evolution monobrand Polini eyes on the four protagonists.

Alessandro Garzaro –Motonania Team
“It’s a championship full of surprises, new kits and competitors. The only fault is that too many categories have been created, to the prejudice of the time, for example sometimes the rules are disregarded and it may happen that a cheat gets away with it. But the rest is all pure amusement!”


Davide Ziarelli –LCR Team
“It’s been ages since I take part in the Polini Italian Cup, I am fond in the brand of Bergamo and I have a trusting relationship with its staff. Unfortunately the first races weren’t good, during the first one I broke my foot and so I conditioned my results. Although the bad luck I always tried to improve myself and now I am third in the ranking. But we are all close and even one race can make the difference. I won’t give in until the end! I like very much the chosen tracks, but my favorite is the one of Latina, which is the one of my home”


Angelo Fontana –Nordera Team
“It’s been ages since I run in this championship because I am a fond customer of Polini Motori. In my Trophy the races are all very selective. Thanks to my previous experiences I succeeded in all the competitions. Thanks to the conquered scores I am first in ranking and this gives me great satisfaction. It hasn’t been easy since my competitors are very hardened, but my aim is to win the title. I am really satisfied with the organization and the engagement of Polini at each competition. A sincere thank you from a great lover!”


Paolo Nardo
“The Polini Italian Cup” is a well organized championship and this year the registration fee also included the suit, the helmet and the boots. All positive initiatives. Now I am sixth in ranking, even if the gap from the first in ranking is minimum, about 30 points and one race can change all, but I’ll fight till the end. The tracks I liked most were Viterbo, where I gained the first season podium and the one of Castelletto. In 2012 I already planned to take part in the Polini Italian Cup, but I’ll change category”