Great success at Latina track for the presentation of the 2011 Polini Italian Cup, with a new record of entrants, more than 100 riders for the whole championship in the different Trophies. There were many riders of the Italian Maxi Scooter Trophy too. The number of the riders has increased enormously. The factory of Bergamo, thanks to the partnership with AIROH HELMET, TCX BOOT, SPEED suits, SAVA tires, has already reached the goal to contain the costs. Between the 2011 novelties, there is the “Amatori” category, dedicated to those who take part, for the first time, to the scooter races and the Scooter LML Trophy, dedicated to the LML Star Deluxe 4T 125 and150 scooters, with gear and 10” wheels. Seven Trophies for the new 2011 Polini Italian Cup!


“In our Championship there are– says Denis Polini – the “Polini” Evolution 70 Scooter Trophy and two open Trophies for 70cc and 94 cc engines. There are riders who race with our engines only and others who make a mix of products of different brands.

This year, thanks to the LML Trophy, the races will be even more spectacular end equilibrated.

The most part of the riders are young boys, between 14 and 30 years old, who love the races and have fun racing. For this reason we do our best to help them to race on the track as we did in the past with the minibikes riders”


Moreover the satisfaction to drive a scooter on the track, a performing pit bike or a scooter, the feeling of groveling your knees on the asphalt, are feelings that cannot be explained. Only those who take part to these races can understand it. The 2011 edition of the Polini Italia Cup will really be even better!



The web site www.motorino.it will follow the races and the paddock of the Polini Italian Cup.


The images of the Polini Italian Cup will be broadcasted by Telenova during the program “Griglia di Partenza” (SKY channel 892) every Thursday night. The races in Castelletto di Branduzzo, Ottobiano and Pomposa will be lively followed by a mobile center and the images will be broadcasted the same Sunday on Telenova (SKY Channel892) and Telenova 3 Sportaction (Channle 195). The videos will be also available on our web site www.polini.com, media section.