Gianluca Rapicavoli hits the seasonal “poker” on the track of Vallelunga, dominates the fourth race of Polini Maxi Scooter Trophy 2014 and graduates for the fourth time as Maxi Scooter Italian Champion on his TMax of La Greca Team of Milan.

Gianluca Rapicavoli has won hands down the Maxi Scooter National Title for the fourth time and got the fourth consecutive win of the season, stood out in the contest of Polini Maxi Scooter Trophy disputed on Sunday the 12th of October, on the track of Vallelunga. Rapicavoli brought to success Yamaha TMax scooter, that was prepared by Mario La Greca team, the same team with which they won the national title in 2009, 2010, 2013 seasons. Aggressive, ambitious, very quick, with decided drive, Rapicavoli wanted to leave his mark in the last round, and so he scored the new track record through a sensational lap time of 1’56.421, reached sometimes the maximum speed of 202 km/h on the finish straight line.


So, well done Rapicavoli, but also La Greca team was very good at setting up and developing his TMax with the various Polini’s kits and special products, confirming the extraordinary features of their performances. For the record, Rapicavoli is crowned as the absolute dominator of the race and of the championship by winning Open class through a perfect score. After getting the pole position, Rapicavoli kept the first position all eight laps long, preceded Nico Morelli, while Alessandro Pischedda got on the third place of podium. In Stock class, first place for Marco Panfili, but the win of National Title was for Cesare Fusto before Marco Panfili and Alfredo Saraceno.