Polini ECU, “engine control unit” is the most advanced programmable gearcase made by the factory of Bergamo for all the 4 stroke injection engines.

The Polini ECU controls the amount of fuel that enters in the cylinder by changing the fueling injection.
The idea of making the ECU Polini arises from the need to modify the injection of the tuned 4 stroke scooter engine.
ECU Polini is an add-on gearcase that fits perfectly to all the scooter with the appropriate cables connected directly to the original injector.
Easy to schedule, intuitive and directly done by the user on the gearcase. You can change the injection times every 200 rpm with a few CLICKS. These simple steps allow you to find the perfect carburation by increasing or decreasing fuel amount into the engine.

Code: 171.0001

retail price: euro 114,00 + VAT

Wiring to match with Polini ECU:

  • 171.0200: Yamaha XMax-XCity 125i - MBK Cityliner-Sky Sruiser 125i - 2010 >
  • 171.0201: Honda SH 125i - 150i
  • 171.0202: Yamaha X-Max - X-City 125i 2008 > 2009
  • 171.0203: Piaggio scooters 125/150 cc iniezione/injection