Polini Italian cup’s destinies meet again on the track in the south of Italy. After the race in Latina that opened the season, the specialists of the tuned scooter animated Airola for the second race of the championship that on 9th and 10th on June will reach Castelleto di Branduzzo.

Despite during the second race of the Polini Italian Cup the weather was very good and sunny, the suspense didn’t miss in particular during the final laps of the second race of the 70”Evo Open”, the most expected race. It was one of the most intense moment of the day. For the first time Matteo Tiraferri and Filippo Corsi didn’t escape but they had to fight against the other riders, between them Simone Bartolini, Rocco Ripepi, Mauro Montagna, Paolo Gabellini and Francesco Ciotti, at his debut. (minibike champion). To gain the 50 scores Tiraferri had to use all his technique and experience, above all to close the second Race with 48” ahead, after an incredible fastest lap. Bartolini was third in Race 1 and Montagna in Race 2.



The best riders of this category rode a couple of seconds slower than the 70 Evo Open’s ones but the race was anyway fascinating. Dal Bonifro dominated Race 1 without big difficulties being able to keep the distance from Emiliano Stevanoni. Quite different Race 2. Simone Prischi, who was only seventh during the qualification sections, was able to take advantage of the favorable situations caused by Del Bonifri and Cristian Picciallo’s mistakes. The day finished with 41 scores for Del Bonifri, followed by Prischi with 38 (fourth and first) and Cristian Picciallo (third and second). Alessandro Giacometti was seventh and fourth despite he started in pole position.


Races without any good result for Adriano Sisti. The 25 scores went to Federico Ciacci and Antonio Righetti but none of them won the race. Nico Morelli, third and second, was placed together with Yulien Enzo Vitali, who achieved the same results . Good performance for Alex Rota who disputed a good Race 2, with a fourth position but, above all, with an exciting duel.



Carlo Luigi Gurrieri was the only one (but Matteo Tiraferri in 70 open) to return home with a double victory. It was quite easy for him to win while the hard duel was for the second place. Giorgio Cannone and Stefano Scribano, who drives a Yamaha jog between many Piaggio Zip, didn’t take care of themselves and they alternate each other at the head of the group that followed Gurrieri. They arrived at the chequered flag together gaining 36 scores to add to the championship results.



For the race in Calabria only one category for the 4stroke minimotard XP125 and 150, with the smallest one able to offer an extraordinary show. Gabriele Camorcia demonstrated all his qualities, winning Race 1. During the second race he slipped, braking the foot pad and finishing in 6th position. The best rider at the end of the race was Francesco Ciotti, third and first, ahead of Gianluca Cuttitta who was second and third and Camorcia who went on the third step of the podium. Maurizio Verdelli closed Race 2 with a second place.