The Polini X1-X3-X5 minicross bikes are produced after having researched the best details and the highest 100% made In Italy quality.
The X1-X3 and X5 models represent the different measures of frames and wheel rims. The 2T engines are highly performing, they have been carefully studied for the off road use and they are air cooled or liquid cooled for the racing model. The crankcase is die-cast in light alloy.
The reed admission is direct in the case. The cylinder is the Evolution 5 transfers one. The carburetor is the Polini CP Ø19 The frame, decomposable in the rear part, and the trapezoid swing arm, grant the best weights distribution allowing a perfect balancing. The minicross is easy to drive, stable and handy and you can exploit all the engine horse power.
The fork and the shock absorber have been developed with proper technical features to optimize the traction on all the grounds. They are “racing” for the water-cooled models. The brake system is with cable for the standard version with air-cooled engine while it’s hydraulic in the racing models.
The minicross bikes are easy and funny to drive, if driven by the beginners who start this sport; they are racing, aggressive and really performing for who have already a good experience in competitions and ask for the maximum power.

Public price from euro 1.747,00 + VAT