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The asphalt temperature in the third race of Polini Italian Cup in Pomposa was high, even very high. Not only from a climate point of view, for a temperature higher than 30 ° and a sunny day without clouds: especially for burning contests in all various races of the day. The public was numerous at the third meeting with Polini Italian Cup 2015, organized by Moto Club Bergamo to support his idols and applaud the new incredible “Corsi Show”. In fact, the Tuscan rider of Polini Scooter Team dominated the two Races of the day and gained important points in the general classification of the prestigious Scooter 70 Evolution Open, which is considered as the MotoGP of scooters, where he is the leader before Andrea Vignone and his team mate Matteo Tiraferri.


The participants are even twenty in this class, the protagonists of two Races, signed by Nazareno Lumina, the unquestioned dominator of this third test. Race 1 starts by the fall of Larcher, who starts third but is immediately bound to withdrawal. The leadership is taken by Lumina, who grows his advantage more and more over Ivan Camera and Matteo Piacentini, who end on second and third place. It’s a fight for the fourth place between Marco Leaso and Alberto Costa too. In Race 2 Piacentini has a good start, followed by Camera, who makes a mistake and involves Piacentini in the fall, who moves back to eleventh place and then builds an amazing come back through which he ends on fifth position. Lumina gets again a big advantage over his chasers and wins before Leaso and Mammi. Through his double victory Lumina proves his own leadership in the championship.


Sudden change right before the start of Race 1; Matteo Tiraferri starting from the second best time, is forced to give up at starting grid because of liquid loss on the track. The traffic light turns off and Filippo Corsi immediately sprints and leads the race. Marco Moroni has a good start even though he loses precious time for a fall during the third lap and another fall while trying to regain ground, and puts all at stake to aim at podium. Nicolò Castellin,i the rider of Polini Team, takes advantage, and will end on third position, behind Andrea Vignone. Unlucky Race 1 for Stefano Scribano who stops just few laps to go. Unlucky in Race 1, Tiraferri tries to take a revenge in Race 2, but will have to surrender in front of a super Corsi and the quick Castellini. Fourth position for Moroni, the protagonist of a thrilling contest with Tiraferri for the second place. Corsi is now the leader of classification through these victories.


Overtakings and sudden changes for the harshest category of this Italian Scooter Championship, where Gabriele Beghelli gets the leadership of Race 1 before Mattia Ciuffolo and Rocco Russo. Russo immediately gets out of race for a slide, despite his skill to fight for victory. Russo’s fall unfortunately involves Giacomini, Sfiller and Cionna too. Beghelli speeds his pace and wins with 15 seconds advantage over Ciuffolo, Emilio Maione and Riccardo Frigè. Davide Inversini on the last lap assails Niccolò Loia and Guido Conforti, manages to pass both of them and ends on fifth place. Race 2 is definitely more hard-fought; Russo has been leading the race for some laps, then he goes backwards and leaves the track to Maione and Beghelli. At half-race riders are tired and make some mistakes; this upsets all the race. Beghelli gets the leadership again and wins while preceding Ciuffolo and Maione. The two victories of Beghelli give him the first place in championship classification after starting from fifth position.


Pole position for Simone Bartolini, the protagonist of two good starts. In Race 1 Bartolini is followed by Stefano Scribano, Nico Morelli and the two official riders of Polini Team, Matteo Tiraferri and Julien Vitali. Bartolini has a good pace, but on the eighth lap he makes a mistake at the beginning of a turn and moves back to fifth position, before Adriano Sisti. Few laps to go, Vitali assaults Tiraferri and manages to end third, preceded by Scribano, and wins this session before Morelli. At the start of Race 2 Bartolini sprints quickly. The rider from Romagna doesn’t make mistakes this time and wins after leading the race from beginning to end. On the sixth lap Morelli is second, but a little mistake pushes him in the rear rows. The championship leader Scribano takes advantage from that and ends on third position before Vitali, Tiraferri, Sisti and Antonio Righetti.


Daniel Penzo gets pole position and immediately starts attacking in Race 1. Behind him Alessandro Schiappa, Roberto Pagliaccia, Marco Girardi and Luka Koren stand out. The championship leader Cristian Picciallo is sixth only, fights with Marco Lazzoni for fifth position. After twelve laps, Penzo is still leading and wins the race. In back of him, Koren and Pagliaccia reverse, among overtakings, mistakes and brakes. Schiappa ends on second place and Girardi third. Race 2 is more lively. Penzo has a good start but on the fourth lap he makes a mistake and is forced to a great recovery, thanks to which he will get third to finish line and couldn’t get the second place by a whisker. From half-race Girardi and Schiappa have been leading the group and will end on first and second position.


Through six victories, Gabriele Camorcia proves to be the leader among Pit Bikes XP 125 4T. In Race 1 Camorcia starts immediately at the head of the race, followed by Nicolò Castellini and Matteo Tortosa. The three riders make a huge gap from the rest of the group and offer a big show to the public by continuous overtakings and impossible brakes. The leadership in the leading group keeps on changing, even though from the fifth lap Camorcia distances and wins by a little margin. In back of the Milanese rider, Tortosa and Castellini end in this sequence. Race 2 is more hard-fought for Camorcia. Castellini assails more than ever, decided to win the session. Two laps to go, sudden change: Castellini slides while trying to contrast Camorcia. Castellini gets up again and ends on fourth position, behind Tortosa and Berlini.