Dovera, May 15th- 16th -17th 2015

With the winds blowing and at full power the first race of the FAI World Slalomania Cup took place in Dovera, at the JFK location, thanks to Polini Motori support. Jéréomi Penone from France has been the undisputed ruler of the race with his P2R64 equipped with Polini Thor 250 engine. Really valuable the organization of the “Volandia” Aero club Vestina and FFPLUM.

On Friday and Saturday morning the weather conditions didn’t permit the pilot to land. High wind, too dangerous for the pilots’ safety and fittingly the “Volandia” Aero club Vestina and FFPLUM decided to postpone the start. Finally on Saturday afternoon at 6 pm the race started and just looking the enthusiasm of the public the show was granted. French Jérémi Penone dominated the first round, flying his P2R64 equipped with Polini Thor 250 engine and he took the head of the ranking. It was hard to beat him; his maneuverings were always perfect. His first position stayed uncontested during ball the eight rounds disputed. Second place for another French guy, Nicolas Aubert with his PAP 1500 equipped with Polini Thor 250 engine: the youngest pilot, only 17 years old (he started when he was 10), was always second, often just a few tenths from the first. He didn’t manage to beat him but at the same time is kept under control his rivals keeping his second positon.


Harder-fought the fight for the third place. Four pilots competed for the podium. Barna Laslo, form Romania with his PARAPOWER paramotor equipped with Thor 250, French Francois Blanc with MCFLY paramotor equipped with Polini Thor 250 engine, the Spanish Victor Rodriguez “Moncho”, with his BFree paramotor equipped with Polini Thor 250 and the French Guillaume Vallance with Bfree Paramotor equipped with Polini Thor 250. The eight rounds took place and the positions changed often, but at the end, thanks to five third places and three fourth places, was Barna Laszlo from Romania to have the prestige to be on the third step of the podium. Fourth place for the French Francois Blanc who outstripped the Spanish Santamarta Victor Rodriguez of only one score.
To underline the incredible performance of the French girl Marie Liepmann with her MACFLY paramotor equipped with Polini Thor 200 engine. She started very fast but the first round was null because during the exit she did not pass the photocell. But she didn’t give up and she started an incredible come back and during the fifth round she was fourth. At the end she was seventh.
In the trike category, Frédéric Mallard was eight with his PAP equipped with Polini Thor 250 engine, only 8 scores before Ramon Morillas with his PAP 1500 equipped with Monster 185+.
The Italian pilots, protagonists of the Italian cup, made a good impression in the World Championship too. All the pilots with Polini Thor engine put themselves on the line even if at the first experience in the SLALOM races. Suardi Gabriele, Italian Cup’s winner, had two null rounds but he will be protagonists in the next events. Second the pleasant Aurelio Tonchei and third Giuseppe Tolli.