The 6-times paramotor record holder and competition pilot (ES) Karen Skinner set a new record, this time with her partner Jason Whitehead, on foot-launched paramotor: 41 minutes to climb to 3000 meters from sea level.

On Tuesday 21 of April in the morning, the couple took off on a paraglider Niviuk Takoo 3 powered by Polini-Thor 250cc., from the beach of Sant Pere Pescador, Girona (Spain), and 41 minutes later they superseded the current mark of 48 minutes and 56 seconds set by Mick Roche (GBR) last September, which is still not ratified by the FAI as official world record. Karen has already beaten six world records, three of which are still current; but this is her first record in a tandem, a type of flight she has been practicing since last November with Jason, who also holds a current solo world record (time to climb to 3000m, with 22 minutes and 10 seconds).
Each of them has done at least 18 tandem flights so far and, according to Karen, it is much easier to fly with another pilot "because they know what to do".


“The take-off for the record was in nil wind, while the ones we had usually done before were with some breeze, so I was a little bit nervous... but it finally came out perfect, the glider inflates very well. I had the PAP Thor 250 which is quite heavy, but I did several solo flights carrying 8 liters of fuel to get used to the weight. I have to put the engine on a table because I can hardly get up from the ground! During the flight I was at the controls, but I was really happy to be doing this flight with Jason. The two of us above the coast where we always fly but not so high! I think that the main difficulty of this type of record is not only the weight, but getting the perfect day with no turbulence, and the engine running smoothly. The best of the flight, besides sharing it with Jason, were the views: we could see up to the coast of France, and it really is an amazing area", tells Karen.