Rapicavoli in Open and Fusto in Stock fill up in Vallelunga for the seasonal opening of Polini Maxi Scooter Trophy.

Great win for Gianluca Rapicavoli with TMax-Polini of La Greca Team in Vallelunga in the eminent class Open, at the end of a race that was full of thrilling defies. Rapicavoli, the national champion 2013, outmatched his chasers by a large gap. The fastest lap is his, on the third passage by the record time of 1’56’’937. Giovanni Gabrielli gained two positions, compared to starting grid place, and ended on second place. Third position for Giulio Di Carmine, good at regaining three positions and getting the third place on podium. Gabriele Curzi and Mauro Boschetti end up in the top five.


Among the maxi scooters coming from the series (Stock), all qualifications results are confirmed, Cesare Fusto is the protagonist of this weekend, followed by Di Carmine, Alessandro Pischedda, Marco Panfili, Alfredo Saraceno.


Next meeting with Polini Maxi Scooter Trophy on the 15th of June at Mugello circuit.