The Polini Italian Cup has reached this year its eighth edition and has confirmed of being an authentic “tank” of talents, proposing in the opening test, disputed on the track of the Sagittario in Latina, a day of great sport with breath keeping races in the several classes. Seventy-four pilots of the eighty-nine enrolled, with beyond forty teams working in the paddock. Not only numbers but also quality for the Polini Italian Cup thanks to the organization of the Bergamo MC. Polini Italian Cup confirms thus of being the better way to have fun in the track by riding quite “cheap” bikes but able to giving strong and safety feelings.



This category was born last year to give a chance to the beginners and keeps on giving great satisfactions. 28 riders at the starting grid, and between them the Slovenian brother Mihael, arrive at Latina after a long trip. On the starting grid there were the Slovenian Martin Mihael ahead of Cesare Del Bonifro, Simone Proschi and Elia Angeli. Unluckily during the race Mihael was not able to confirm his good performance of the tests, even also because a technical foul that disqualified him. The most skilful was Del Bonifri who demonstrated to have experience and self-control to manage the race. Cristian Picciallo was twice third, while on the second step of the podium went Andrea Erasmi (out in Race 2 at the last lap) and then Simone Prischi, who finished Race 1 in fourth position.



By now Latina does not have more secrets for the multi-champion Matteo Tiraferri and his teammate Filippo Corsi, the only ones to turn with stratospheric times, only a little over 1,03 second in the qualification phase. For this edition of the Polini Italian Cup it is important to underline the presence of important names, between which the Italian multi-champion Mauro Montagna, the 2011 Italian vice-Champion Rocco Ripepi, Simone Bartolini, Paolo Gabellini, Francesco Ciotti and various other riders. However in the first two races it has been immediately clear that the duel for the title would have been between Tiraferri and Corsi. They fought in the two races, alternating themselves many times to the head of the group, but they both made an error ten meter before the finishing line, leaving free way to their main competitors. Tiraferri was first in Race 1 and Corsi won Race 2. Simone Bartolini demonstrated to be very competitive. Behind Bartolini, Ripepi was twice four while Montagna was third and seventh.



Even the 94 Big Evo Open class has its devoted specialists: Yulien Enzo Vitali and Adriano Sisti started fighting for the supremacy and at the end of the qualifying section they were both in the first line with paltry gap: 24 thousands of a second. But this advantage was not enough for Vitali to win the race in Latina and we was content with a third place in Race 1 and a second place in Race 2. On the other hand Sisti was able to find the right set up and the winning strategy, finishing the day with 50 point. And between the possible protagonists of this new season there are Giuseppe Londo, Federico Ciacci and Nico Morelli, who are always very close to the first ones.



 The riders coming from Lazio region have been favored on their track. For Davide Ziarelli it was easier than usual to register the best time while Giorgio Cannone was third. Ziarelli was first in both the races, but if it was easier to win the Race 1, he won Race 2 in a rush. Behind him Carlo Luigi Gurrieri, who was protagonist in Race 2, ascending from the fourth position with fastest laps and steady pace. Stefano Scribano and Giorgio Cannone were both third in the two races.



As for the scooter, also between the minimotard pit bikes there are riders who refined their technique till become real specialists, such as David Catellani, undisputed protagonist of the class that includes the XP150 equipped with 4 stroke engine and the XP65 with 2 stroke engine. With one second and half lead over his rivals, Catellani made immediately his intention in clear. Behind them Federico Tiberi and Roberto Ferretti, at the end of two similar races. The XP125 4Stroke brought important novelties. The experience matured in 2011 was not enough to Gianluca Cuttita to control Gabriele Camorcia, at the head of the race during all the week-end, from the test to Race 2. Maurizio Verdelli was third in both the races.