The Italian Maxi Scooter Trophy never ceases to amaze. After a 2009 season full of emotions thanks to the victory of the Italian rider Gianluca Rapicavoli, the first race of the 2010 Italian Maxiscooter Championship that took place in Vallelunga on Sunday March 7th, seems to be even more spectacular.

Rapicavoli was again the main protagonist of the race confirming the technical supremacy of his T-Max tuned by the La Greca Team of Milan, equipped with the latest Polini cylinder kits. Rapicavoli achieved the pole position during the test on Saturday with the incredible time of 1’59'962, new record of the track for the Supersport category. Marvin Medongo (Nonno Sport Team), Giovanni Gabrielli (Ceccarelli Racing Team) and Nazereno Giordani (Dei Carlo Moto Team) had a 2-second lead.


Rapicavoli dominated the race till the end. Medongho decided to adopt a more conservative strategy with the aim to gain points for the results. It is important to underline the very good race of Nazareno Giordani and the two riders of the Moscatelli Moto Team, Mario Savoca and Cristian Pietrolucci. In the other categories the winners were Lucio Gatti (Nonno Sport Team) Simone Triacci and Alessandro Pischedda.


April 25th: Castelletto di Branduzzo 
 with Polini Italian Cup
June 13th: Vallelunga
June 27th: Castelletto di Branduzzo 
 with Polini Italian Cup
October 31th : Vallelunga

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